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What is a Mock Driving Test?

And why is it useful before the actual exam?

Once have reached test standard and you’ve started thinking about taking your driving test, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared. While you will have learnt everything you need to know in your driving lessons, getting ready for what will actually happen on the day is also vital.

Knowing what to expect from the code 8 driving test can put your nerves at ease and help you to get in the right mindset on the day. Instructor Sandor knows exactly how driving test are observed and marked by examiners and will, therefore, be able to make it as realistic as possible for you.

The mock driving test includes:

During the test you will be timed (on the road test) and marked as per the official test report sheet: just as you would be on the actual day. 

What happens at the end of your mock driving test?

Learn alley docking from patient instructor

When you’ve completed the mock test and have parked up and secured the vehicle, instructor Sandor will tell you whether you’ve passed or failed. 

If you passed, well done! Instructor Sandor will take you through any minor faults you made and how you can improve for your actual driving test.

If you failed, don’t worry, there’s still time to work on things before your driving test. Take all of the feedback the driving instructor gives you, and make sure you work on them  during your driving lessons leading up to your driving test. 

But now, you are in the know.

mock driving test Centurion

So, how much does the mock driving test cost?

But before we answer that, here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. The mock exam takes place in Pretoria or Centurion at a practice ground for the yard test and then in the area where your actual driving test will be (Waltloo, Centurion etc.)

2. While route combinations can be endless, instructor Sandor will take you on the most commonly used route by examiners. However, this does not guarantee that you will be taken on the exact same route. 

3. All requirements as per the test report will be met, such as timing (20 min) for the yard test, and the different manouvers, crossings and situations prescribed in the road test. 

4. The test will be taken with SG Driving Education`s vehicle or the vehicle of your choice

5. If you fail, you fail. The point of the exercise is to exactly replicate what the actual test would be like. 

Mock Test

The full mock driver`s license test is R550 per test, which takes approx 1,5 hours and includes evaluation.