Gift voucher for driving lessons

Gift voucher driving lessons

Why not make someone's day extra special with a driving lesson gift voucher?

Only few gifts can truly make a lasting difference in a person`s life but the gift of driving opens up a world of opportunity and experience for anyone that receives it.

Terms and conditions (very briefly)
  • SG Driving School only operates in Pretoria and Centurion (all areas)
  • All gift vouchers are individually numbered to avoid confusion
  • Gift vouchers for all packages need to be redeemed within 3 months of issuing (purchase)
  • Gift vouchers are transferable to third party if requested by the person who purchased it
  • A gift voucher cannot be split among several persons

So, how does it work? (don`t worry, you don`t need to remember the steps, we will guide you.)

  1. You fill in the form below with your details and information about the recipient
  2. You get an automatic confirmation letter from SG Driving Education
  3. SG Driving Education will contact you via email with the banking details needed to make the payment for the package you chose
  4. You send the proof of payment to
  5. SG Driving emails you the digital gift voucherĀ 
You are welcome to use nicknames too :-). Please write the name as you would like it to appear on the gift voucher
Please note that the chosen package needs to be paid in full in advance for us to issue the gift voucher. The recipient is entitled to all freebies and promotions that are included in the chosen package (if any) at the time of the order. 1 driving lesson is min. 2 hours.