Let`s get your code B driver`s licence!

SG Driving Education has been teaching students to "drive smart from the start" since 2008.

Book lessons 7 days a week

SG Driving Education knows that you need flexibility when it comes to schedules!
Maybe you are working or studying or taking care of kids, and your free time is limited - we get it!
That is why we provide driving lessons every day of the week at times convenient for you!

Step-by-step techniques

We have worked out simple-to-follow, step-by-step techniques to help you master the maneuvers required in the yard test and a strong practice routine that will prepare you to perform well on the road test.

Customized to you

SG Driving School knows that everyone is different and takes a very personalized approach to teaching you – future driver – to be safe and confident on the road. Every lesson is customized to your pace, your progress and your needs.

We provide transport

Yes, our fees include pick up and drop off in Pretoria and Centurion. You can also use our transport services to make payments at licensing centres to secure your online booking.

Gift voucher

Reward someone special with a gift voucher for driving lessons at SG Driving School

Mock driving test

Do you want to know if you are ready for the driving test? No problem! Try our mock exam where our instructor will take you through the entire test (yard, road) as you would experience it on the actual day. You will be marked and evaluated so that after the mock exam you can discuss where you need to improve to pass. Or, you can pat yourself on the back if you are ready!

About SG Driving Education

SG Driving Education is a boutique  driving school based in Montana, Pretoria catering to students aiming to ace their first driver`s licence test as well as people who need to refresh their driving skills to feel safe and confident on the roads. Our service area is Pretoria and Centurion. 

Our approach to teaching: we help you master a skill for life, to “drive smart from the start ” (that is our motto!) and not just bare minimum required to pass the driver`s test. Our lessons are efficient, yet relaxed and the tuition you receive is warm and friendly – while you learn to drive at your own pace in a small sized clean, manual transmission car. 

Sandor Geber, our driving instructor  has the skills, experience  and  teaching style to achieve the results you want, to pass and become a safe driver. Sandor teaches that driving safely requires a good command of controls on the vehicle, knowledge of the rules of traffic, anticipating situations and making safe and well-informed decisions on vehicle handling. This is called defensive driving.

Do you need a patient, friendly, but efficient driving instructor?

Learn to drive with a patient instructor

Sandor Geber

SG Driving education - instructor

Sandor has been teaching students to drive since 2008 when he launched SG Driving Education. He is known for his never ending patience and professionalism and many, many students speak highly of his teaching method. He has worked out a simple-to-follow, step-by-step method to ace your K53 yard and road test that has stood the test of time for the past decade.

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SG Driving Education is based in Montana, Pretoria

We service all areas in Pretoria and Centurion.

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